Bohemia Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning in Bohemia on Long Island

At National Janitorial we offer both commercial and residential window cleaning services. From your home to your office building, we will provide you with clean and clear windows to keep your views unobstructed and your building looking clean and professional.

As a business, how your customers view your company and your company’s image is extremely important. Make sure your customers see your business as clean, well maintained and therefore more professional by having all of your windows thoroughly cleaned. Investing in interior glass, exterior glass and blinds cleaning will help your business stand out among the rest. After years of experience we have also learned that clean and clear windows are not only a good reflection on your business but on ours as well. This being said, satisfying our customers with quality and professional work is our priority and can be guaranteed when using National Janitorial for your commercial window cleaning needs.

Our employees at National Janitorial are experienced in cleaning windows on some of the highest commercial buildings in the area and there are no buildings too big or too small for our team.

For larger commercial buildings we utilize any tools necessary to give your windows the clean they deserve. If we cannot efficiently clean your windows from the ground, we will use equipment to clean windows from the roof or with the use of ladders and suspended equipment. Before we do so, we always assess the building to ensure that all safety protocols are followed to prevent injuries to our employees and to the outside of your building. With the use of ladders, harnesses, belts and lifts we can effectively and safely clean even your highest windows.

We are also a fully bonded and insured company which ensures our customers that we have all up to date certifications and up to date knowledge on commercial window cleaning protocol. Since commercial window cleaning can be potentially dangerous, following safety standards for the window cleaning industry is very important to us.

At National Janitorial we only use high quality materials to ensure a high quality outcome. Using high quality squeegees, sponges and other materials will give your windows a thorough clean that will be left sparkling and streak free for maximum clarity at your commercial building.

Some commercial window cleaning clients include:

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Banks
  • Car showrooms
  • Private Schools
  • Nursery Schools

No matter how big or small your commercial building is, at National Janitorial we can give you an estimate and service your company no matter the industry.